Magna Dentist

Every one of our patients are unique and special, that is why Dr. Powell is not just any Magna dentist, he has gone the extra mile to become the best Magna children’s dentist there is. He is expertly trained and board certified; ready and able to customize each treatment plan to give your child the best dental experience ever.

magna dentistWe are not only passionate about dental care and oral health, we are also passionate about caring for your child’s needs, whether they be allergies, anxiety or special oral health requirements. Not only is Dr. Powell, our Magna dentist, well trained to put our patients at ease, creating a positive experience, but so are all of the staff at Planet Tooth.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Planet Tooth strictly adhere to the highest of safety, health and dental standards during each and every visit, assuring that your child will be well taken care of. We strive to make your Magna children’s dentist visit both positive and rewarding.

Come visit our Magna dentist, Dr. Powell, along with the whole team here at Planet Tooth. Discover why we are the most exceptional Magna children’s dentist team you’ll find sanywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. For an appointment, call Planet Tooth at 801.974.5437 today! Why wait?