Dr. Powell filled several cavities on my 5-year-old son. When he gave my son a shot to numb him up beforehand, my extremely pain-sensitive son didn’t even flinch. I don’t think he even knew he just got a shot. Dr. Powell has a reputation for giving near painless shots, and I was amazed to witness it firsthand. All I can say is that I feel like it’s totally worth it to take your kids to a pediatric dentist. The cost seems comparable to a regular dentist, but since all they do is work on kids all day, they are more efficient and the work gets done right the first time. Quicker office visit + greater chance of having work done right the first time + kid-friendly office and staff + same price = happy kids and happy mom. Dr. Powell is simply a nice guy, too. A big thumbs up from me. A Big Thumbs Up


My daughter (8) and son (3) love going to see Dr. Powell! We’ve had several bad experiences with other dentists around town and after visiting Dr. Powell, my kids are no longer afraid of going to the dentist. We don’t even mind driving 45 minutes to see him because he’s the best dentist for my kids . . . just wish he would work on my teeth:) Daughter Loves Dr. Powell

K. Lee

Awesome dentist and great friendly place for kids!!! They feel so comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommended!! Awesome Dentist

Awesome Dentist

My daughter love planet tooth she been waiting for months to see them… She be asking when are we going to the dentist.. Ur appointment is coming. Now she happy and excited to get her teeth clean. Daughter Loves Planet Tooth

Daughter Loves Planet Tooth

Great customer service! And excellent for kids, my boys were so preoccupied with the movie and the toys Excellent For Kids

Excellent For Kids

Planet Tooth is a dream come true for parents!!! They’ve taken something most kids dread (going to the dentist) and done everything to make it comfortable, exciting and FUN! The staff has always been fantastic and Dr. Powell is GREAT! We highly recommend Planet Tooth! Dream Come True For Parents

Dream Come True For Parents

I love planet tooth because they have an amazing staff who know how to treat their patients ! They make not only the kids feel comfortable and relax they make parents feel that way as well. The kids love the Dentist! CR


Been bringing my kids here since they opened staff are so kind and my kids even like coming here definitely recommend bringing your kiddos here!!! Definitely Recommend

Definitely Recommend

Great experience! The staff took good care of my 3 children even taking extra care of my daughter who is terrified of needles.extra thanks kit Extra Thanks

Extra Thanks

Great and friendly staff! My 6 year old has anxiety and I was worried she would be frightened by the dentist. The staff was amazing from check-in, cleaning, to seeing the doctor! We felt very welcome and my daughter felt calm and left with a big smile on her face! Highly recommend! Friendly Staff

Friendly Staff